Application Forms for all Explosive Permits and Licences are now processed through the Portal. The following Instructions need be adhered to when making an application:

(1). Download the relevant Permit/Licence you wish to apply for.

(2). Print and fill out this application form thoroughly and correctly 

(3). Sign the application form, scan and upload with any other supporting documents when making the application.

Applying for a renewal of Explosives License/Permit

(1) At 30 days prior to the expiry date of your license/permit, a notification will be sent your email address, stating that your license/permit is up for renewal.

(2) When logging onto to the portal and clicking on your license/permit, a link will become availabe, allowing you to apply for a renewal.

(3) The same applications forms as listed below, will need to be downloaded, filled out, scanned and uploaded.

Download Application Forms

 Form 11A: Authority to use Blasting Explosives

 Form 10A: Licence to Manufacture Explosives

 Form 8A : Permit to Use Blasting Explosives

 Form 7A : Permit to Purchase Blasting Explosives

 Form 6A : Licence to Deal in Explosives

 Form 3A : Licence to Store Explosives

 Form 2A : Permit to Transport Blasting Explosives

 Form 1A : Permit to Import/Export Blasting Explosives

Explosive Laws and Regulations

The permitting, licensing and use of explosives are given by the guidelines layed out within the Kenya Explosives Act, Chapter 115. A copy of the Explosives Act has been made available for download, below:

Kenya Explosives Act