Mineral Rights Applications

What licenses can I apply for on the Portal?

Once you’ve been registered on the Kenya Portal, you are now able to sign in and make a license applications and payments, upload relevant documents and monitor the status of your license. There are currently four broad mining license categories, which comprise the individual license types:

  • Large Scale Licenses
  • Small Scale Licenses
  • Dealers license/Permit
  • Explosives Permits

How do I get a Prospecting License for a particular area?

A Prospecting License (PL) falls under the Large Scale License, which are found under the New Applications Tab, upon signing in to the Portal. An application instruction page will then guide you on how to create an application for a PL, on the Applications Details sections. In this section, you would need to select PL from the ‘type’ drop down list, enter your coordinates, select commodities and upload all supporting documents before proceeding.

I don’t have the coordinates, but I know the area I want to apply for. Can I still go ahead with my application?

Yes, when clicking on the ‘enter coordinates’ hyperlink during the application process, a pop up box appears asking the user to select the coordinate editing method. The interactive block selection method would be used for demarcating your particular area of interest. When selected, an instructions page with a Kenya Map in the background, appears and you are allowed to select your block or polygon area. The area will be highlighted with it’s respective coordinates under the ‘review coordinates section’.

Why am I unable to validate and continue with my application?

There could be a few reasons for this as summarized in the points below:

  • You haven’t selected a type
  • Your coordinates are unable to be validated, due to the reasons provided in the error box
  • You have not selected a commodity/commodities
  • There are required documents, on the license, which you have not uploaded

Kenya Mining Act

All licensing for Minerals Rights Applications are in accordance with and governed by the Kenya Mining Act of 2016. Mining legislations are to finalised by the Ministry of Mining (MOM), which will supplement the the current mining act. The Kenya Mining Act can be downloaded below:

Kenya Mining Act 2016